• What I Offer

    Tailored DEI Solutions for Organizations, Teams, and Individuals


    I work with organizations of all sizes and with executive teams, DEI leaders, and individual managers

    to transform DEI commitments into tangible actions.

  • A Range of DEI and Leadership Development Services

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    DEI Strategy Development

    I work with you longer-term to assess your organization's DEI starting point and to design, launch, and evaluate a transformative DEI strategy tailored to your organization's needs and objectives.

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    Focused DEI Consulting

    I work with you to identify specific DEI challenges and to design and deliver programs - from talks and workshops to expert support - that address the visible challenges and any hidden dynamics.

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    Executive Coaching

    I provide coaching for DEI leaders wanting a sounding board or supportive shoulder, executives seeking to lead inclusively, and individuals desiring to thrive in challenging environments.

  • DEI Strategy Development

    A customized DEI strategy is an essential tool that empowyers your organization to create a culture

    that advances and sustains diversity, equity, and inclusion

    Strategy Essentials

    8-10 month engagement (on average)


    The Essentials strategy development package is perfect for organizations at the start of their DEI journey, especially those with more limited resources. Strategy Essentials provides organizations with the following basic services to (1) identify immediate DEI challenges, (2) create a framework for intervention and (3) measure inital impacts of implementing strategic DEI recommendations:

    • Onboarding
    • Basic DEI desk audit
    • Tailored DEI survey
    • Customized recommendations (based on analysis of desk audit and survey data)
    • Interim survey and data analysis (six months after delivery of recommendations)
    • Summary report and roadmap

    Strategy Design

    14-18 month engagement (on average)


    The Design strategy development package is my standard offering for organizations ready to adopt transformative DEI strategies. The following Strategy Design services drive organizations to (1) surface embedded DEI challenges, (2) craft a data-driven DEI strategy, (3) select and roll-out interventions tailored to the context and (4) measure impacts of the inital strategy and recalibrate as needed:

    • Onboarding
    • DEI desk audit
    • Tailored DEI survey
    • Selected stakeholder interviews / focus groups
    • Customized recommendations (based on analysis of desk audit and survey and interview/focus group data)
    • Initial DEI strategy
    • Expert support for launch of immediate initiatives
    • Ongoing consulting to address emerging issues during Year 1
    • Re-assessment survey and data analysis (twelve months after delivery of initial DEI strategy)
    • Strategy recalibration recommendations
    • Summary report and roadmap
  • DEI Consulting Services 

    Perspective and support from an external DEI expert provide the knowledge and resources

    to resolve challenges that disrupt or stall progress in your organization's DEI journey.

    Organizational Culture

    I provide an objective, external, expert perspective on your organization's cultural dynamics to allow internal leaders to address the root causes of DEI challenges. Examples of specific culture consulting services include:

    • facilitating leadership discussions about DEI vision or commitment
    • advising on existing DEI strategies, including a process for localizing to various regions
    • reviewing specific organizational policies and their impacts
    • developing DEI culture profiles and recommendations for a specific division, team or location
    • inclusive leadership development programs for executives and senior leaders
    • advising on internal dashboards and DEI communication plans
    • leadership education, including "ask me anything" sessions
    • "train-the-trainer" and "research updates" for internal DEI and HR professionals
    • ... and more, tailored to meet your organization's needs


    Employee Empowerment

    I work with organizations to ensure that their DEI transformation process includes initiatives that support and empower employees to contribute to the collective journey. Examples of specific employee empowerment services include:

    • providing advice and strategic support to employee resource group leaders
    • speaking at internal events as keynote, moderator, or panelist to promote curiosity and awareness
    • facilitating town halls and focus groups
    • workshops on "inclusive co-worker" competencies, including decentering, mentorship, allyship, confrontation
    • conducting qualitative interviews and surveys to assess employee sentiments
    • interventions to manage overwhelm, fatigue, shame, and other emotional reactions in DEI work
    • ... and more, tailored to meet your employees' needs


  • Leadership Coaching

    Powerful questions, impartial sparring, and space for self-reflection allow individuals and teams

    to uncover unconscious thought patterns, challenge limiting beliefs, and experiment with new behaviors.

    Inclusive Leadership Development

    I work with individual executives and leadership teams to enhance their ability to lead inclusively. Examples of inclusive leadership coaching goals and outcomes include:

    • recognizing and dismantling barriers to empathy
    • developing courage to display vulnerability in the workplace
    • improving confidence to act as an ally or create workplace accountability
    • understanding impact of leadership style on psychological safety and crafting strategies to improve where needed
    • ... and more, tailored to meet individual and team needs


    Personal Resource Development

    I work with individuals having historically underpresented identities to boost their ability to thrive in organizations. Examples of personal resource development coaching goals and outcomes include:

    • discovering and developing personal strengths
    • recognizing and refining personal coping strategies and skills
    • identifying and overcoming external obstacles that may thwart exercise of leadership
    • evaluating alignment of professional options and actions with personal values and priorities
    • ... and more, tailored to meet individual needs