• A selection of RECENT appearances

    INSEAD SDG Week Panel:
    Developing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as organizational leaders and as individuals

    November 2020

    Felicia moderated a webinar of INSEAD alumni and faculty in which the speakers discuss their experiences with developing demographic diversity and inclusive work environments for people of all social backgrounds in connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    INSEAD Summer Learning Festival: Unearthing the Roots of Systemic Racism

    July 2020

    Felicia gave a keynote presentation and participated in a panel discussion on the construction, history, and modern-day effects of anti-Black racism in the United States and internationally.

    TEDx Talk: Teaching Compassion to the Over-privileged

    April 2015

    The question of 'head-start' is an important one. If we blindly assume that we are all starting from the same point in life, that constrains our decisions about hiring and promotion, diversity and inclusion, and even our ability to recognize and meet the needs of clients.

    TEDx Talk : The Courage to Uncover our Differences

    January 2015

    Our resistance to difference affects aspects of our identities fundamentally - in particular, our work identities. Challenging stereotypes and seeking out truly inclusive workplaces are some ways to build the courage to uncover your difference at the workplace. Companies and leaders also have to play their part.